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How to create a permanent token for Whatsapp communication?

Access your Facebook business manager here, go to the System users tab :

Once on the system user screen, create a new system user. A modal will be showned, you will have to enter your system user name, the role for this system user ( i recommend you to choose Admin )

Once done, we'll need to add assets to the system user we created. Those assets will assign to the system user the permission to send whatsapp message and do custom events.

You'll need to select the permissions that matter to you.

Once done, you'll get a similar display on your system user screen.

Then, in order to send automatic messages from your website, we will need a permanent token so Facebook easily validates any request sent using our WhatsApp phone number.

Due to the app, I created into the Facebook app, the WhatsApp permissions are the ones relevant for our current case scenario.

If you are sure that each 60 days, you can reset your permanent token, then his the 60 days otherwise choose the option Never.

Once done a permanent token will be generated by the system, this one will help us to send WhatsApp messages without restrictions and anytime you want.

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