How to translate text from English to other languages in WordPress/WooCommerce ?

In order to translate buttons, text section into the builder, we need an additional plugin named Loco Translate .

You may need to install it and activate it in order to handle the translation of those elements.

Once installed, go to the section named Loco Translate and in the submenu click on Plugins :

You will be redirected to a page listing all the plugins installed on your store and select the DokoBuilder plugin link.

Once selected you will be redirected on a new page, on this page there will be 2 ( two ) sections giving you the ability to edit the translation, we will focus on the first section :

Before starting the translation, there is a need to make sure the source translation is updated, to do so click Edit template . On the edit template page, you will see a list of translatable words, to ensure the list is updated click on the Sync button and then save it.

After saving the template with the updated words, go back to the previous page, add a new language, then click on the new language added to edit it. On the page of the language words edition, select or search the word you would like to translate then on the subsection below add your translated word and save it.

By following the steps mentionned above, on your builder your page will display the text in your store language hopefully. If you have some additional questions, feel free to contact us on our website live chat here :

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